Colombia: roofs with solar energy

Colombia: roofs with solar energy a fashion in sustainable and economic construction

EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION / CLEAN ENERGY XXI. Celsia, energy company of the Argos Group, continues to advance in the implementation of energy generation projects with alternative or non-conventional sources in Colombia, through the installation of solar roofs.

The goal of the organization, which has subsidiaries of Epsa and Cetsa in Valle del Cauca, is to develop 92 solar roofs in 2017 in the country, which will allow its customers access to self-generation clean and sustainable energy. A report of Clean Energy XXI indicates that during the year, Celsia has installed these systems in Medellín in the La Reserva shopping center, and in Palmira in the company Intergrafic, and now the tenth store is added, the largest in accessories, clothing and footwear in Tuluá, located in the center of the city.


In the 885 m2 roof of the store, 385 photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 100 kWp (kilowatt hour peak) were installed and put into operation, producing 137,608 kWh / year.

This non-conventional renewable energy contributes to avoiding the emission of 55.2 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide, gas that affects the ozone layer) per year, which is equivalent to planting 197 trees.

Eider Arrubla Cardona, Decade 10 manager, said: “We feel very privileged to be the pioneers in Tuluá, it’s a great opportunity given to us having solar energy, because as our slogan says: ‘Decade does not stop’. This helps us position ourselves and grow as a company. We are proving that it can be thanks to Celsia. ”

The photovoltaic system installed is on-grid (connected to the grid), that is, the energy produced is consumed at the same instant it is produced.
This system has the benefits of Law 1715 that encourages the use of unconventional renewable energy in the country.
Celsia is the one who performs the investment, installation, operation and maintenance of the system during a time agreed in a contract and the customer only pays for the kW of energy consumed, with a good rate, stable in time.

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