Works at Height: Regulations

With the purpose of reversing this dramatic situation, the Uruguayan Institute of Technical Standards (UNIT) set up a specialized committee to update the technical standards related to fall protection and height rescue systems.

To that end, more than 30 organizations from the public, private, control and supervisory bodies, academies, laboratories and insurers, among others, were called.

The objective of the work in UNIT “is to have a national regulatory body updated and in line with the advances in knowledge and technology worldwide in regard to these teams.”

The committee has already approved four requirements standards and another 12 projects are in the public survey stage.

The UNIT standards clearly establish the differences between restraint, restraint, fall arrest and rescue systems, as well as the appropriate equipment for each case.

New family

The complete set of standards will make up the UNIT 1250 family of standards on “Fall Protection and Height Rescue Systems”. This will complement the requirements of the MTSS decree that establishes that personal protective equipment must comply with the respective UNIT standards.

It will be promoted that in the revision of the aforementioned decree the methodology for the certification of these equipment is established in order to give confidence to the buyer and the user about the quality and compliance with the standards.

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